At the age of 10, I was diagnosed with Large Cell Lymphoma and battled this disease a total of two times until my 12th birthday. My journey has consisted of numerous surgeries, multiple chemotherapy and radiation treatments, as well as an Autologous Bone Marrow Transplant. In October of 2018, I will be celebrating my 16 year anniversary of being cancer free!

When I turned 21 I created a simple toy drive to give back to my treatment facility and celebrate being in full remission. The community response and emotional connection to benefiting families made me realize this was meant to be much more than a one time affair. Thus was born, WithLove Charity! For 6 years I have coordinated annual toy drives and parties for facilities, sideline and game attendance, personal play dates and other special events for families affected by pediatric cancer in Jacksonville, FL. My drive to keep going comes from the smiles I witness from families, every relationship I create with the kids, and the belief that sharing your story can help heal others. 

WithLove Charity, Inc. became a registered nonprofit in July of 2016, but that wasn't enough! In January of 2017, I set new goals to grow this mission and expand my reach to more children. I have since moved to Nashville, TN, where the love continues to spread. This move, however, has not impacted my current events in my hometown. In fact, I have never felt more supported by my community than now. I have been so blessed by my board, volunteers, and sponsors who are helping me execute my vision to reach as many children in the fight as possible. 

My ultimate goal is to share my story to inspire hope and spread love to children who are currently battling cancer. My long term objective for WithLove is to reach a nationally known level as a nonprofit organization, doubling my impact each year and becoming a recognized advocate for Childhood Cancer Awareness.


"I survived cancer for a reason. I'm here to share my story for His glory and remind each child that they are fighters, but most importantly, they are children. They deserve to enjoy their childhood and I hope I can ignite not only a smile, but courage, with each toy I pass out or event I attend with them."
- Tay