About Us

WithLove was created in January 2012 by Taylor Scheibe, a native of Jacksonville, Florida. What began as a simple toy drive to provide new toys for the playroom at her local hospital’s Oncology unit, grew into a full on mission. Her motive was to simply give back to Wolfson Children’s Hospital and deliver a memorable Valentine’s Day for the children being treated but she didn't realize the impact it would have on her life. Our founder has a special connection to these children, in fact she once walked in their shoes. Taylor is a two-time childhood cancer survivor and bone marrow transplant recipient. 

Since Taylor's first toy drive she began coordinating larger toy collections, drop-offs and events for pediatric oncology treatment centers and hospitals. These toy drives have now turned into curated programs designed specifically to bring joy to local children fighting cancer and their families. Our current programs include Heart of the Holidays, Sideline Smiles and Toys with Tay. You can read more about these programs by clicking here

WithLove is meant to not only bring awareness to childhood cancer but inspire and give fighting children the opportunity to be kids.

“Toys symbolize childhood to me. Fighting cancer makes you grow up fast. When you’re stuck in a hospital room for days or weeks at a time, you just pray to be a normal kid again. I want to remind these children that they are simply that, children. What better way to remind them than placing a new toy in their hand?” - Taylor Scheibe (Founder, WithLove Charity, Inc.)

We thrive as a Childhood Cancer Advocacy and want to fill play rooms at hospitals, clinics and other treatment facilities all over the Nation. You can help!