During October, we are preparing for our Annual Halloween Party benefiting Wolfson Children's Hospital in Jacksonville, FL. We go in, on Halloween day, and bring all the frightfully fun magic to patients who are spending the holiday indoors. This is one of our biggest toy drop-off events for pediatric oncology patients, and our goal is to deliver 200 new toys and YOU can help!

Our goal is to raise $5000

Did you know the average toy costs $25? That means if 200 people gave $25 this month, we'd meet our goal! 

Each of our toy drop-offs benefiting treatment facilities is paired with a themed party to celebrate our brave warriors, and that's why this toy drop-off delivers the joy that is trick-or-treating right to the patients. As mentioned earlier, these children deserve to be in on the Halloween fun! 

GIVELOVE via the Donate button today. Your support ensures moments of joy and lifelong memories that give children with cancer the opportunity to simply be what they are, kids. Just check out some of last year's boo-rific event!



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